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City Nights

Limited Color
This tutorial contains a limited color palette. What does this mean? The answer is at the bottom of this tutorial.

Filters Required:

Eye Candy 5 Impact and Nature


Mura's Meister Perspective Tiling

Tubes Required:

Main Tube Female


Masks and a Selection

The Tube's artist is İOra and the tube was provided by kikirou with permission.
You can find kikirou's group below. The tubes are beautiful!

Many Thanks Kikirou!




Place Selections in PSP Selection Folder
Double click the Eye Candy 5 Preset
Open all tubes and masks in your psp program and minimize.
Change your foreground color to white, #ffffff, and background color to Black #000000.

Lets Begin:

A) Background

1) File, New Image, 800wx550h, transparent.
2) Flood fill with background color.

B) Abstract City
1)Layers - New Raster Layer.
2)Selections - Select All.
3)Maximize pattern_psppeg_cn.jpg - Copy (by right clicking title) - Paste - Paste Into Selection.
4)Selections - Select None.
5)Layers - New Mask Layer - From Image - Select: mask_psppeg_cn1 - Source luminance - invert mask data unchecked.

6)Layers - Merge - Merge Group
7)Image - Resize - 75%, all layers unchecked.
8)Effects - Image Effects - Offset - minus -200, 0, transparent.

C) Abstract City - Second Part
1)Layers - Duplicate
2)Image - Mirror
3)Layers - Merge - Merge Down
4)Magic Wand Tool - Tolerance 0, Feather 0, Anti-alias checked
Select an area on your canvas below the abstract city

5)Flood Fill White
Selections - Select None.
11)Layer Palette - Blend Mode: Normal, Opacity: 46.

D) Mask Layer

1)Layers - New Raster Layer.
2)Flood Fill White
3)Layers - New Mask Layer - From Image - Select: Narah_mask_Abstract135 - Source luminance - invert mask data unchecked.

4)Layers - Merge - Merge Group.
5)Layer Palette - Blend Mode: Normal, Opacity: 65.
6)Mover Tool - Move the mask up just a little.
Layers - Merge - Merge Visable.


1)Layers - New Raster Layer
2)Flood Fill Background Color.
3)Layers - New Raster Layer
4)Selections - Load/Save Selection - Load Selection From Disk - Select: psppeg_cn1.
5)Flood Fill Foreground Color.
6)Selections - Select - None.
7)Effects - Plugins - VanDerLee - Unplugged X- Distortion

F)Foreground Second Part

1)Layers - Duplicate
2)Image - Mirror
3)Layer Palette - Turn off Visability of bottom layer.

4)Layers - Merge - Merge Visable.
5)Effects - Plugins - Mura's Meister - Perspective Tiling - Settings: Reduce Height to 27.

6)Layer Palette - Turn Visability of Bottom Layer Back on.

G)Decorative Elements

1)Selection Tool - Selection - Custom Selection - 0,0,800,25.

2)Layer - New Raster Layer
3)Flood Fill - Foreground Color.
4)Selections - Select None.
5)Effects - Plugins - Eye Candy 5 Nature - Drip - Settings Tab: Select Preset psppeg_cn_drip.
6)Effects - Image Effects - Offset - 0, 40, transparent.

H)Tubes ~ Main Tube

1)Maximize kikirou598_Catwoman_by_Ora - Copy - Paste - Paste As a New Layer
2)Image - Resize - 65%, all layers unchecked.
3)Effects - Image Effects - Offset - 165, minus -20, transparent.

4)Effects - Plugins - Eye Candy 5 Impact - Perspective Shadow - Settings Tab: Reflect Infront
On the image portion of the Plugin slide the center node up.

I)Tubes ~ Tree Tube

1)Maximize tree_element1_psppeg_cn.psp - Edit - Copy - Close Tube - Edit Paste - As New Layer.
2)Mover Tool - Position to the left back area of foreground layer.


1)Layers - Merge - Merge All Flatten.
2)Edit - Copy
3)Image - Add Borders - Add a 50 pixel Symmetric Border in #ffffff.
4)Image - Add Borders - Add a 2 pixel Symmetric Border in #000000.
5)Edit - Paste - Paste As a New Layer.
6)Effects - 3D Effects - Drop Shadow - 1, 1, 100, 3.00. #000000.

K)Finishing Up

1)Add your watermark
2)Add text - Text Included as text_psppeg_cn
3)Add Drop Shadow - Same Settings Except Reduce Blur to 1.00.
4)Layers - Merge - Merge All Flatten.
5)Image - Resize 800 pixels.

Your done.

The answer to the question what is a limited palette: It is the use of very few colors and only in limited areas. Black and White are neutral hues thus not actually considered a color. White and Black are used in paint to reduce or increase luminosity of paint.  

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