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Frozen in Time

Filters Required:


If a Filter is required go Here!

Tubes Required:

Main Tube Female by Gina


1 Mask by Narah

The main tube was provided by Gina with permission.
You can find Gina's Tubes Here!
Many Thanks Gina!




Look thru the list of filters and make certain you have them.
Place Selection File in Selection Folder
Open all tubes, mask and background in your psp program and minimize.


Material Palette
Material Palette - Foreground: #717fa0, Background: #dae4ee
I encourage you to use your own colour palette or follow the tutorial

Lets Begin:


1)File, New Image, 800 w x 600 h, transparent.
2)Flood Fill with Foreground colour
3)Layers - New Raster Layer
4)Selections - Select All
5)Maximize background_psppeg_frozen.jpg - Edit - Copy - Close - Edit - Paste - Into Selection
6)Layer Palette - Luminance Legacy
7)Layers - Merge Visable
8)Selections - Select None
9)Selections Tool - Rectangular - Custom Selection

10)Effects - 3D Effects - Outer Bevel

11)Selections - Select None

B)Line Work

1)Selections - Load - Save Selections - Load: psppeg_fit1.sel - Source Luminance and Replace Selection Selected
2)Layers - New Raster Layer
3)Flood Fill Tool - Match Mode: None (This is the fastest way to fill all lines with one click)
4)Flood Fill with Background Colour
5)Selections - Select None


1)Layers - New Raster Layer
2)Selections Tool - Rectangle - Custom Selection

3)Flood Fill Black (Turn Foreground colour back to original)
4)Selections - Modify - Contract - 1 pixel
5)Material Palette - Change Foreground to gradient - Linear - Foreground/Background Gradient - Anle and repeats 0
6)Flood Fill with Gradient
7)Effects - Texture Effects - Blinds

8)Effects - 3D Effects - Inner Bevel

9)Selections - Select None
10)Layer - New Raster Layer
11)Selections - Rectangular - Custom Selection

12)Repeat Steps 3) to 9) of C) Elements changing the Following
Material Palette - Switch Colours, Blinds - Check Horizontal
13)Effects - 3D Effects - Drop Shadow - 5, 5, 50, 5.00, black
14)Effects - 3D Effects - Drop Shadow - Same Settings but change fist two values to minus 5
15)Selections - Select None

D)Brush Layer

(Note: Any Brush can be used, for this tutorial its best to use the clock)
1)Layers - New Raster Layer
2)Brush Tool - Select Brush Tip clock_psppeg_frozen - Do not change settings
3)Stamp once on the vertical bar centering it between the sides of the horizontal bar

5)Effects - Image Effects - Seamless Tiling

6)Layer Palette - Blend Mode: Screen
7)Layers - Duplicate
8)Effects - Image Effects - Seamless Tiling

E)Center Frame and Main Tube
1)Layers - New Raster Layer
2)Selections Tool - Rectangle - Custom Selections

3)Flood Fill with Gradient
4)Effects - Plugins - Tramage - Tow the Line - Default (Keep Selected)
5)Layers - New Raster Layer
6)Selections - Modify - Contract - 10 pixels
7)Flood Fill with lighter solid colour
8)Maximize GINATUBES FEMME 1776 - Edit - Copy - Close - Edit - Paste - Into Selection
9)Image Mirror
10)Selections - Select None
11)Effects - 3D Effects - Drop Shadow - Same Settings
12)Repeat Drop Shadow changing first two value to positive 5
13)Select Layer Below - Repeat Drop Shadow
14)Paste As a New Layer (Note: Main Tube is still in PSP Memory)
15)Image - Resize - 75%, all layers unchecked
16)Effects - Image Effects - Offset - Horizontal: 285, Vertical: minus 20
17)Layer Palette - Blend Mode: Soft Light, Opacity: 75
18)Layers - Merge Visable

F)Mask Layer
1)Layers - New Raster Layer
2)Flood Fill with Background Colour (Light Colour)
3)Layers - New Mask Layer - From Image - MasK: Narah_mask_0191 - Source Luminance Selected - Invert Mask Not Selected
4)Effects - Edge Effects - Enhance
5)Layers - Merge Group
6)Layer Palette - Blend Mode: Soft Light, Opacity: 63


1)Layers - Merge - Merge All
2)Image - Add Borders - Add a 2 pixel symmetric border in Light Colour
3)Image - Add Borders - Add a 10 pixel symmetric border in Darker Colour


1)Image - Add Borders - Add a 2 Pixel Symmetric Border in color #d1dea1
2)Add your watermark
3)Add Text
4)Layers - Merge - Merge All Flatten.

Your done.  

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Tutorial Created: June 26th, 2012