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Colour Yourself

Filters Required:

AAA Filters - Edge Art


Filters Unlimited - SF 10 II

Adjust - Variations

If you need a filter..go Here.

Tubes Required:

Main Tube Female by Gina


2 Masks by Narah

The main tube was provided by Gina with permission.
You can find Gina's Tubes Here!
Many Thanks Gina!




Look thru the list of filters and make certain you have them.
Open all tubes and masks in your psp program and minimize.
Maximize brushtip_colour_psppeg - Create as a Brush Tip


Material Palette
Foreground colour: #f885dd, Background colour: #a91b65
I encourage you to use your own colour palette or follow the tutorial
Select two colours of the same value from your tube, one lighter than the other

Lets Begin:


1)File, New Image, 800 w x 500 h, black.
2)Layers - New Raster Layer
3)Selections Tool - Rectangle - Custom Selection

4)Flood Fill with Foreground colour
5)Selections - Select None
6)Layers - New Raster Layer
7)Material Palette - Change Foreground to gradient - Foreground/Background Gradient, Style: Radial

8)Flood Fill Layer with gradient
9)Adjust - Blur - Gaussian Blur - Radius: 15.00
10)Layers - New Mask Layer - From Image - Mask: Narah_mask_Abstract260, source luminance checked, Invert mask unchecked
11)Layers - Merge - Merge Group
12)Layers - Merge - Merge Visable
13)Effects - Plugins - AAA Filters - Edge Art

14)Effects - Plugins - Simple - Quick Tile
15)Effects - Image Effects - Seamless Tiling

16)Effects - Plugins - Filters Unlimited 2.0 - &Bkg Designers SF10II - DIS Refractor 1
17)Selections Tool - Rectangle - Custom Settings - Same Settings
18)Selections - Promote Selection to Layer
19)Selections - Select None
20)Layer Palette - Turn off Visability by clicking eye on the selection layer, then select background

B)Brush Tip Layer

1)Brush Tool - Select the Brush Tip you just created
2)Material Palette - Foreground change back to colour, switch the two colours
3)Layers - New Raster Layer
4)Do not adjust any of the brush settings and stamp once in the very center of your image
5)Layer Palette - Blend Mode: Burn

C)Mask Layer

1)Layers - New Raster Layer
2)Flood Fill with Foreground Colour
3)Layers - New Mask Layer - From Image - Mask: Narah_mask_Abstract129 - Same Settings
4)Layers - Merge - Merge Group
5)Effects - Image Effects - Seamless Tiling - Same Settings
6)Layer Palette - Blend Mode: Burn

1)Maximize overlay_psppeg_colour.psp - Edit - Copy - Close - Edit - Paste - As a New Layer
2)Layer Palette - Blend Mode: Burn

E)Main Tube
1)Layer Palette - Turn on visability of top layer, Blend Mode: Burn
2)Maximize GINAMISTEDFEMME101.psp - Edit - Copy - Close - Edit - Paste - As a New Layer
3)Image - Resize - 50%, all layers unchecked
4)Mover Tool - Position: Over the Rectangle you just turned on visability and to the right

F)Decor, Text and accent tube
1)Maximize decor_psppeg_colour.psp - Edit - Copy - Close - Edit - Paste - As a New Layer
2)Effects - Image Effects - Offset - Horizontal: 100, Vertical: 50, transparent
3)Selections - Load/Save Selection - Load: psppeg_colour1.sel

4)Layers - New Raster Layer
5)Flood Fill Selection with Foreground Colour
6)Selections - Modify - Select Selections border

7)Selections - Promote to Layer
8)Selections - Select None
9)Layer Palette - Blend Mode: screen
10)Layers - Merge Down
11)Layer Palette - Blend Mode: Overlay
12)Take a modern font using Vertical and Left type your saying such as "Colour Yourself"
13)Maximize makeup_swedetubeZ.psp - Edit - Copy - Close - Paste - As a New Layer
14)Image - Resize - 60%, all layers unchecked
15)Mover Tool - Position: Below your wording, touching bottom
16)Effects - Plugins - Adjust - Variations - Adjust the colour to match your colour palette
If using the tutorials colour palette: Hit origninal, more red twice, magenta once and darken once
17)Effects - 3D Effects - Drop Shadow 5, 8, 55, 10.00, black


1)Layers - Merge - Merge All
2)Image - Add Borders - Add a 1 pixel symmetric border in white
4)Image - Add Borders - Add a 50 pixel symmetric border in Your Foreground Colour
5)Magic Wand Tool - Mode: Add, Inside Selected
6)Select your last Frame
7)Adjust - Blur - Radial Blur

8)Effects - Plugins - Filters Unlimited 2.0 - &Bkg SFII - DIS Refractor 1 - Default
9)Effects - Edge Effects - Enhance More
10)Selections - Select None


1)Add your watermark
2)Layers - Merge - Merge All Flatten.

Your done.  

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Tutorial Created July 13th, 2012