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Waiting For Spring

I always look forward to Spring Sunshine and the end of winter grey skies..thus my thoughts for this tutorial.

Filters Required:

Ulead - Particle

Mura Meister's - Copies

If you need a the linked image below and scroll down the page.

If you cannot find the filter there check the plugins page on the main page.

Tubes Required:

Main Tube by Nicole

Other Tube by WDD

The other tubes by PsPPeg

The tubers have provided psppeg permission to use the tubes provided in this tutorial.
To view more Fantastic Tubes by these Tubers click image below.

Many Thanks!




Look thru the list of filters and make certain you have them.
Open all tubes and masks in your psp program and minimize.
Place Selections in Selection Folder


Material Palette - Set foreground to #698f92 and background to #b4c0bc or select two medium colors to work with.
Set Foreground to Gradient - Style Sunburst, Gradient Foreground/Background, Repeats 3, Invert unchecked, Horizontal 51, Vertical 75.

Colors Used:

If your following the tutorial with the colors used, I suggest placing this image in the top left corner of your psp.
Then use the eye dropper to select the color. It works much faster than typing in the codes.

Lets Begin:


1)File, New Image, 760w x 560h, transparent.
2)Flood Fill with Gradient.
3)Adjust - Blur - Gaussian Blur - 40 Degrees
4)Effects - Distortion Effects - Polar Coordinates - Polar to Rectangular
5)Effects - Plugins - Ulead Particle - Cloud

6)Effects - Plugins - Ulead Particle - Cloud - Change Grey to White and reduce Opacity on the filter to 60

B)Background Elements

1)Maximize stars.psp - Edit - Copy - Close Image - Edit Paste - As a New Layer
2)Mover Tool - Position Top Left Corner

C)Main Image

1)Maximize nicole-etrange6-2012.psp - Edit - Copy - Layer: Tube - Minimize Image - Paste - As a New Layer
2)Image - Resize - 50%, all layers unchecked
3)Effects - Image Effects - Offset - H: minus 230, V: 30, transparent
4)Effects - Plugins - Mura Meisters - Copies - AfterImage(linear)

5)Layers - Duplicate

D)Accent Tube 1

1)Maximize sands_of_time_psppeg.psp - Edit - Copy - Close Image - Edit - Paste - As a New Layer
2)Mover Tool - Position - Bottom Left Corner

E)Accent Tube 2
1)Maximize keyhole_psppeg.psp - Edit - Copy - Close Image - Edit - Paste - As a New Layer
2)Image - Mirror
3)Mover Tool - Position Top Right Corner
4)Layer Palette - Opacity: 63, Blend Mode: Normal

F)Mask Layer 1
1)Layers - New Raster Layer
2)Flood Fill White
3)Layers - New Mask Layer - From Image - Select: Narah_Abstract020

4)Layers - Merge - Merge Group
5)Effects - Edge Effects - Enhance
5)Layer Palette - Opacity: 73, Blend Mode: Dodge
6)Selections - Load/Save Selection - Load psppeg_wfs1.sel - Hit Your Delete Key
7)Selections - Select None

G)Mask Layer 2
1)Layers - New Raster Layer
2)Flood Fill White
3)Layers - New Mask Layer - From Image - Select: Narah_Abstract239 - Same Settings
4)Layers - Merge - Merge Group
5)Layer Palette - Opacity: 50, Blend Mode: Dodge

H)Flower Tube
1)Maximize WDD-FL-0021.psp
2)Adjust - Hue and Saturation - Hue/Saturation/Lightness

3)Edit - Copy - Close Image - Edit Paste - As a New Layer
4)Image - Resize - 30%, all layers unchecked
5)Mover Tool - Position Bottom Right Corner

I)Bird Tubes
1)Maximize nicole-etrange-2012.psp - Edit - Copy Layer oiseau - Edit Paste - As a New Layer
2)Mover Tool - Position on one side of the keyhole
3)Repeat Step 1) and 2) For the other layer named oiseau

J)Adjustment Layer
1)Layers - New Adjustment Layer - Brightness and Contrast

This just helps unify and clarify your image

1)Layers - Merge - Merge All
2)Image - Resize - 92%, all layers Checked
3)Image - Add Borders - Not Symmetric Left and Right 1 pixel, Top and Bottom 40 pixels color #698f92
4)Magic Wand Tool - Tolerance and Feather 0 - Select the Border
5)Adust - Add/Remove Noise - Add Noise - Settings: Uniform, Noise 16%, Monochrome checked (Keep Selected)
6)Layers - New Raster Layer
7)Flood Fill White
8)Layers - New Mask Layer - From Image - Select Narah_Abstract020 - Same Settings
9)Layers - Merge Group
10)Effects - Texture Effects - Blinds

11)Effects - Edge Effects - Enhance More
12)Selections - Invert
14)Effects - 3D Effects - Cutout

15)Repeat Cutout except change Horizontal and Vertical to positive 2's
16)Selections - Select None
17)Image - Add Borders - 2 pixel symmetric border in #505149


1)Add your watermark
2)Add text - text provided if desired
3)Layers - Merge - Merge All Flatten.

Your done.      

ęPSPPEG 2011

All Rights Reserved